General Election 12 December 2019

You can help stop Nicola Sturgeon’s reckless attempt to take Scotland back to another divisive independence referendum.

The choice is clear and simple. 

  • A vote for the Scottish Conservative and Unionists means keeping Scotland in the United Kingdom and getting Brexit sorted. 

  • A vote for anyone else risks Sturgeon having yet another excuse for pushing to break up the UK. 

Comrade Corbyn’s hard-left Labour cares nothing for the Union and will cave in to SNP demands for another referendum.  
Allies of Corbyn have said there could be an independence referendum as early as 2021 if he gets the keys to Downing Street.  
Senior Labour MP Andy McDonald told the BBC: ‘We won't stand in the way of a second independence referendum’. 
At First Minister’s Questions, Sturgeon confirmed she would be prepared to work with Corbyn to stage indyref2. 

And now Sturgeon has set out the price in full for putting a marxist into Number 10. 

But is Sturgeon really so naive that she is unaware that the chaos of a Corbyn government would destroy the Scottish economy along with that of the rest of the UK? 

Or does she just not care what else is destroyed and what toxic legacy she leaves - just as long as she can get another divisive referendum?  

It might be a good idea to remember the kind of people Corbyn has seen fit to work with in the past - and what says about his judgement.

And now the latest polling shows that in Scotland the Labour vote is in free-fall, heading for their worst result in over 100 years, underlining with dramatic clarity that the Scottish Conservatives are now the only alternative to the divisive, incompetent and failing SNP.   Council by-election results across Scotland show that the Scottish Conservatives are the only alternative to the failing SNP

So the danger is clear: an increasingly desperate SNP would happily prop up the most extreme left-wing government in UK history to get another attempt at separation - regardless of the cost to the British people, whether Scots, Irish, Welsh or English.

The only union the Lib Dems actually care about is the EU - voting Lib Dem will just give the SNP a better chance to hang on to marginal seats.

At this election, send a clear message to the incompetent SNP: drop the plans for another divisive referendum and instead try getting back to the actual job their ministers are paid to do.

Only a vote for the Scottish Conservatives on December 12 will stop Nicola Sturgeon and stop an extremist Sturgeon-Corbyn alliance.

With the UK Parliamentary General Election now called for 12 December 2019, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party is urging anyone not yet registered to vote to do so, and to arrange a postal vote if needed.

The most useful information is at and you can now register online


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