The benefits of the Union: what the SNP wants to throw away.

The Scotsman has reported that Scotland is about to secure a huge order for assembly of the five new Royal Navy Type 31e frigates at Rosyth, which will serve alongside the Type 26 warships already on order and being built on the Clyde. 

The work is likely to secure some 450 highly-skilled jobs at the Babcock International yard in Fife, and there is considerable potential for the Royal Navy order to be followed by more orders for export. 

The SNP wants to throw away this kind of investment by taking Scotland out of the UK, making any such orders highly unlikely to be placed in future. 
SNP policies are already doing huge damage to Scottish businesses and are now driving up unemployment, whilst Scottish tax revenues are nosediving, leaving Scotland with a huge deficit, some 7% of GDP, a shocking indictment of a decade of failure under SNP mismanagement.  

But the SNP has a problem: the "Cult of Sturgeon".  To quote Alan Cochrane

"Of course, all party leaders take central stage during elections but the difference here is that Nicola Sturgeon "owns" the SNP, lock, stock and barrel.
She has no rival for leader, her husband is party chief executive, her acolytes run its headquarters, she decides all policy, she does all TV interviews and if there are other leading nationalists involved in this election they are keeping their heads down."

Sturgeon has the kind of grip on her party that Josef Stalin would have envied; no wonder that Comrade Corbyn caved in so quickly to Sturgeon's list of demands for propping up a marxist government in Westminster.  But the toxic approach of the SNP in Westminster makes its MPs totally ineffective, and not least because they have no scope for independent thought or action.  You could be forgiven for thinking that they cannot order lunch in the House of Commons cafeteria without first checking that it is OK with Nikita (via private email of course).

You might disagree with Alan Cochrane about the lack of rivals for leader - one Joanna Cherry for example seems to be very keen to up her profile at every opportunity. 
It also seems that the Western Windbag (no prizes for guessing who) is rumoured to be setting up a campaign in anticipation of Sturgeon having to resign in the spring - he must be reading the tea leaves carefully as he is also rumoured to be looking for a Holyrood seat..... 
Little wonder then that Sturgeon is not too keen on letting anyone else into the limelight, lest they prove just a bit too appealing to the growing proportion of SNP supporters who are losing faith in the ability of Sturgeon to govern effectively.