Bounce back loans available for small businesses

Shadow Finance Secretary Donald Cameron is flagging up the availability of a new Bounce Back loan scheme to small businesses.

Mr Cameron, a Highlands and Islands MSP, said: “For many smaller businesses across our region this is a very anxious time with a collapse in income being a common experience."

“There is a great need for a cash injection to bide businesses over this incredibly difficult period so I’m very pleased that the Chancellor has managed to get this scheme up and running so speedily."

“The UK Government’s new Bounce Back loans  provide quick and easy-to access loans of up to £50,000 and are available from today (Monday 4th May).  Small business owners can apply to accredited lenders by filling out a simple online form, with only seven questions."

“More information is available at:  I very much hope that it will prove helpful to our hard-pressed business community which provides the backbone of our economy.”


More details on the announcement are also available here: