Cameron calls for Sturgeon to provide answers to ferry inquiry

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron believes that Nicola Sturgeon should answer questions about her role in the Ferguson’s ferry contract controversy.

The Scottish Conservative MSP is backing calls demanding that the First Minister makes herself available to an inquiry into the ongoing fiasco which is being conducted by the Rural Economy committee of the Scottish Parliament.

Mr Cameron said: “I don’t make this call lightly, but Nicola Sturgeon’s personal association with the contract makes her participation in the committee's inquiry critical if we are to fully understand what went wrong."

“This is not a trivial matter. Ferry Hull 802, which should have gone into service in 2018 on the Little Minch route, is now running four years late.  This lifeline service is as important to communities in the Western Isles as the Queensberry Crossing is to commuters travelling to Edinburgh."

“We need to know the nature of the conversations which took place, and the understandings that were reached between the contractor and senior figures in the Scottish Government."

“The taxpayers who will end up footing the bill, and the passengers who were promised a fit-for-purpose ferry, deserve urgent answers to these questions. If that requires evidence from the First Minister, then so be it.”