Cameron demands action on NHS Highland

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has demanded urgent action after reports confirmed that NHS Highland has been placed in special measures at a high level of concern. The reports follow widespread concern at the record numbers of A&E patients across Scotland having to wait for more than four hours for treatment.

Mr Cameron said: “It is truly shocking that after 12 years in Government the SNP has neglected our health service in the Highlands and Islands to the extent that they have been forced to place the service into special measures at such a level."

“NHS Highland has been assessed at Level 4 on the intervention scale which is defined as meaning there are significant risks to delivery, quality, financial performance or safety. It is one of only three health boards to have received such a serious assessment."

“It is clear that this situation is due to the Scottish Government’s failure to make proper provision and nothing to do with NHS staff who continue to provide an outstanding service in sometimes challenging circumstances."

“It is incumbent on the Health Secretary, Jeane Freeman, to take responsibility and ensure that a credible plan is put in place, which reassures local people that this deteriorating situation will be reversed.”


HCUA Comment:

This latest SNP-created disaster is a scandal too far. 

Incompetent SNP ministers have been ignoring the warnings and danger signs, trying to avoid responsibility for a crisis that is 100% of their own making. 

Rather than peddling tired lies about the NHS being for sale in the UK, and endlessly pushing their obsession with separatism and the politics of division, Sturgeon and her failed government should concentrate on what really matters to the Scottish people.