Cameron demands apology for broken promises on broadband

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has demanded that the Scottish Government apologise for reneging on its commitment to deliver 100% superfast broadband to the Highlands and Islands by 2021.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, Mr Cameron highlighted a report in The Herald newspaper, which suggested that the R100 programme could take up to five years to deliver.

Speaking after the debate, Mr Cameron said: “The Scottish Government committed to delivering the service to our rural communities by 2021, no ifs no buts."

“It was telling that in his response all the minister could do was attempt to shift the blame on to the UK Government, the usual response of an SNP politician in trouble when asked to explain the failure of an SNP policy."

“What this means in practice is that once again our rural communities, and the businesses that sustain them,  are being let down by a SNP Government which seems to show little interest anywhere outside the Central Belt.”