Cameron - SNP must back Scottish fishermen in negotiations with EU

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron is backing calls that the SNP Government supports Scottish fishermen against the EU demands for access to our waters.

Mr Cameron said: “Coastal communities around the Highlands and Islands will be dismayed by the defeatist and negative attitude of the SNP to this issue.  The SNP know full well that the real blockage to progress is the EU 27’s unreasonable demand to access our fishing grounds as a precondition to further talks."

“SNP ministers are always predicting doom and gloom. If they really were friends of our fishing sector, ministers would be getting behind the UK Government and supporting our moves to becoming an independent coastal nation once again."

“The question remains. Does the SNP government stand with our Scottish fishermen and the UK Government in holding firm against these unreasonable demands, or are they on the side of the EU27 who want our fish before negotiation?”


HCUA Comment:

The SNP knows that it would have to surrender our fisheries back into the broken, failed and environmentally catastrophic Common Fisheries Policy in any attempt to persuade the EU to let an independent Scotland join the EU. 
So, as ever, it would rather let the UK Government take the blame, and it is thus deliberately undermining the current negotiations, hoping to delay the end of transition and prevent a real Brexit from happening.  

One look at the SNP's record shows that whether it is fishing, farming or any other business, its first response to the EU is surrender when it thinks that will help it on the route to securing separation from the UK, regardless of the actual cost to the people of Scotland.