The campaign by Edward Mountain MSP for Fairer Hospital TV Charges is gaining ground

The Scottish Government has been forced by the Scottish Conservatives to take notice of the growing campaign led by Edward Mountain to deal with the scandal of the outrageous charges faced by hospital patients who want to watch TV at their beds.  

See Edward's video here on the latest developments in Holyrood and the Tweets at and

If you believe that bedside television in hospitals is vital to prevent social exclusion and feelings of isolation for patients, 

then you can be part of the campaign to call on local health boards to secure a fair deal with companies providing bedside television and to provide free WiFi for patients in hospitals to allow them to access television via video streaming services.

We intend to pass a copy of this petition to both the Scottish Government and NHS Boards.

You can sign the petition at


Thank you for supporting Edward Mountain MSP’s Campaign for Fairer Hospital TV Charges.

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