“Clear line of sight” out of lockdown for elderly required says Cameron

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has emphasised the need to provide elderly people with a “clear line of sight” to take them through the coronavirus pandemic.

After speaking along the same lines during a debate in the Scottish Parliament earlier this week, Mr Cameron said:

“For some older people, in the sunset of their lives, and possibly living alone, the lockdown can seem like a life sentence.  Contact with loved ones is never more important than at this stage  of our lives and being forced into isolation is a huge extra burden to bear."

“I believe people in this situation need a clear line of sight which gives them hope that there will be an end to this.  I am hoping to see evidence that the Scottish Government is bearing this in mind, weighing up the evidence, and will soon share its plans with the public for moving us forward."

”Protecting the most vulnerable should mean more than simply drawing down the shutters.”