Comment from Donald Cameron – Holyrood debates on flags and independence

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has responded to the decision of Nicola Sturgeon to spend yet more time at Holyrood debating a second independence referendum and whether or not to fly the EU flag at Holyrood.

The Scottish Conservative MSP said: “People across the Highlands and Islands will be wondering why on earth MSPs aren’t debating the issues that affect their day to day to lives."

“This valuable time in the Scottish Parliament could have been spent discussing issues which Nicola Sturgeon actually is responsible for such as the disastrous mismanagement of the CalMac ferry contract and the continued delays in the roll-out of broadband."

“We could be debating policies for improving NHS services in the region or how to tackle the chronic underfunding of our councils."

“Frankly, this is just more political theatrics from an SNP Government that is out of time and out of ideas.”

HPCP Comment:

Sturgeon is treating the Scottish Parliament, and in particular the Presiding Officer, with utter contempt - the same contempt she applies to the Scottish people and all those her dreadful administration is failing on health, education, the economy, policing.........

The SNP's incompetence is now all-pervading and turning into a national tragedy, in which power-obsessed ministers posture and pontificate over irrelevant trivial issues whilst destroying Scottish public services at an accelerating rate. 

We have to put a stop to this.  We have to end SNP misrule.