Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron said:

“As we all know there has been great concern across the Highlands and Islands about our health service for many years."

“I very much hope, that following this game of musical chairs, NHS Highland will have a leadership team that can bring real positive change and put our services on a more sustainable footing. And I offer my best wishes to the new chief executive, Paul Hawkins, who is being transferred from NHS Fife."

“However, I can’t help wondering whether the real change we need is at the very top, with a new Cabinet Secretary for Health to replace Jeane Freeman. The buck should stop at her desk.”


HCUA Comment:

Donald Cameron is right to question the competence of Freeman - her tenure as Cabinet Secretary for Health has been an even greater disaster than that of her hapless predecessor, a feat few would have thought possible.  But the replacement of yet another failed SNP minister is not going to solve the problems in the Scottish NHS.  Only the removal of the catastrophically incompetent SNP government in its entirety is going to change things. 

Sturgeon is the failed leader of a failed party that is presiding over the destruction of Scottish public services and undermining the Scottish economy.  Scotland needs a new government, a competent government.