Comment from Donald Cameron on the Prime Minister’s pledge made at Peterhead.

Commenting on prime minister Boris Johnson’s pledge of a further £51.4 million for Scottish farmers, Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron said: 

“This announcement is very good news for our region where agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the local economy. Following the £160m for Scottish farming in the Chancellor’s spending review earlier this week, it is encouraging to see UK Government ministers repeatedly prioritising support for our farmers and crofters."

“I am also pleased that the prime minister visited Peterhead fish market earlier today to underline support for the Scottish fishing industry which stands to benefit greatly when we deliver Brexit." 

"It's clear the UK Government will continue to value our vital farming and fisheries sectors, in stark contrast to the SNP who have failed to pay farmers on time and are intent on dragging our fishing communities straight back into the hated Common Fisheries Policy.”


The separatist SNP wants to tear Scotland away from its most important market: the United Kingdom.  It then wants to surrender one of Scotland's most important resources - its fisheries - to the complete control of the legion of un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels that care absolutely nothing for the Scottish fishing industry. 

A string of incompetent SNP ministers have dithered and tinkered while Scottish farmers go bust waiting months for vital payments. 

Don't let the failing SNP destroy our fishing and farming industries, and don't let it destroy the Union: only the Scottish Conservatives offer a real alternative to the tired SNP cabal busy ruining hard-working Scottish people and businesses.