Crofters and farmers are essential to the national effort against coronavirus, says Cameron

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has reminded decision-makers in Holyrood that crofters and farmers have worked throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Cameron, the Scottish Conservative Shadow Finance Secretary, submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament today (Wednesday 27th May) drawing attention to the contribution the agricultural sector has made during the current crisis.

Mr Cameron said: “Many people in the sector were surprised when Nicola Sturgeon recently announced that people in agriculture could go back to work on May 28th."

“Of course, our farmers and crofters have been working non-stop throughout the pandemic.  In fact the last couple of months has been extremely busy with lambing and calving, not to mention sowing crops."

“Keeping the nation fed is an essential service and our farmers and crofters are critical to providing food and produce across the UK.  I make no apology for pointing that out to the politicians and bureaucrats down in Holyrood."

”Our crofters and farmers deserve our respect as well as our thanks.”


Mr Cameron’s motion reads:  ​​Title: Importance of Scottish Agriculture: That the Parliament recognises the important contribution to the national effort against COVID-19 being made by Scotland's farmers, crofters and growers; acknowledges that, while many sectors of the economy continue to be in a temporary pause, much of the agricultural sector has continued unabated to produce food and manage land; understands the importance of agriculture and believes that, too often, farmers, crofters and growers carry out their work with little appreciation; wishes everyone involved in the agricultural sector well over the coming period and beyond, and thanks them for everything that they do.