Edward Mountain MSP backs Jobs Plan for Scotland

Edward Mountain MSP has strongly backed Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross’s plans to “Power up Scotland” and kick-start the economic recovery in the Highlands and Islands Region.

Edward Mountain says Mr Ross’s jobs plan, which he has unveiled within a month of becoming leader, delivers bold and ambitious proposals to protect local jobs and stimulate the Highland economy.

Included in the eye-catching proposals in the party’s report titled ‘Power Up Scotland’, there are plans for job security councils to help laid off workers in sectors such as the oil and gas sector, plans to boost rail infrastructure connections between the Central Belt and the North East/North of Scotland, specific proposals for rural growth deals and an introduction of greater hardship fund support for those affected by local lockdowns.

Furthermore Edward Mountain says Mr Ross’s proposals also talk up a tourism infrastructure fund to look at re-opening old rail lines, making Scotland the e-commerce capital of Europe and freeing up town centre planning restrictions provide a vision to boost the local economy across the Highlands.

Edward Mountain commented: “I am delighted that this jobs plan was launched today in the region I represent, which shows how much the Scottish Conservatives prioritise the economy of the Highlands and wider rural Scotland.”

“The Scottish Conservatives under the leadership of Douglas Ross will present a positive, bold and ambitious alternative for voters in the Highlands.

“Protecting jobs must be our top priority following the Covid-19 pandemic and this detailed blueprint for the next phase of economic recovery is exactly what the Highlands has been crying out for.

“Scotland has been too divided for too long, not only constitutionally but economically too.

“Instead of the usual grievances from the SNP, I am proud to be standing for a party that has the ambition to truly deliver for our communities, many of which are rural and remote after years of centralisation from the SNP.

“With plans including job security councils on specific industries, rural growth deals, boosting our rail infrastructure and links with the rest of Scotland and supporting our tourism sector, Douglas Ross and the Scottish Conservatives are showing exactly where our priorities lie.

“This is a time of crisis for Scotland – but a moment of opportunity too. If we focus on the urgent priorities of Scottish people, we can restore and rebuild our economy in the Highlands stronger than ever.”