Focus must be on care home testing - Cameron

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has said that the fight against the coronavirus must be focused on protecting staff and residents in care homes.

Mr Cameron said: “As we have seen from the very tragic case of the Home Farm nursing home on Skye, carers in residential settings are on the front-line of the battle against the virus."

“This means that the focus must be on testing care home workers to reassure them that they are free of the disease and to minimise the chances of care homes being infected."

“We should remember that some care workers could have coronavirus, but not display any symptoms. It’s a sad fact that the proportion of deaths from Covid-19 in care settings in Scotland has been high and, as testing here has been carried out at a relatively low rate, it is right that there should be a great national effort to improve matters."

“I believe it would also help to instil confidence if the number of care workers tested was published regularly and I hope that the Scottish Government starts doing that on a more regular basis.”