Highland Council unable to offer relief to council tax paying B&Bs

Cllr Margaret Davidson has confirmed that the Highland Council does not intend to offer a council tax holiday for B&Bs who do not pay business rates.

This was made clear in correspondence to Edward Mountain MSP, who had requested that the Highland Council consider a 100 per cent council tax relief for smaller B&Bs so they would receive the equivalent support as larger B&Bs, which have received a 100 per cent business rates holiday.

Cllr Margaret Davidson confirmed: “I can confirm to date no recovery has taken place but we would expect any reduced or non-payments to be made in the course of the financial year, it would not be the Council’s intention to write off any sums.”

Edward Mountain had made the request as part of his ‘Help Our B&Bs’ campaign, which in recent weeks successfully pressured the Scottish Government into launching a £3m fund for B&Bs without business bank accounts.

Edward Mountain MSP commented:

“I understand that the Highland Council has to make difficult decisions on its budget, especially with the news today that the local authority will take one of the heaviest financial hits as a result of the pandemic.

However, it is still disappointing that the Highland Council are unable to extend more support to B&Bs which pay council tax.

B&Bs that pay business rates have already received 100 per cent business rates relief and smaller B&Bs should receive the equivalent level of support, via a 100 per cent council tax relief."