Highlands and Islands Enterprise Funding Cut by the SNP

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has reacted angrily to the announcement in today’s budget that Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) is to see its funding again slashed by the Scottish Government.

Mr Cameron said: “I find it quite extraordinary that the SNP Government has decided to target HIE for cuts of this magnitude." 

"This is the second year in a row that HIE funding has seen a significant reduction. Much of the region is facing the immense challenge of depopulation and losing our young people, and HIE is the agency we look to for encouraging economic development, creating jobs and sustaining our communities."

“With local councils across the Highlands and Islands struggling to deliver basic services due to years of unfair financial settlements from the Scottish Government, the SNP has now unbelievably decided to take the axe to the one agency which might have mitigated the impact of those cuts."

“Once again, we have confirmation that Nicola Sturgeon only seems to care about the Central Belt.”

HCUA Comment:

As if we needed any more evidence of the utter disregard the SNP has for the Highlands, the news that HIE is once again to be hit by massive cuts - despite over £1 billion extra coming to Scotland courtesy of the Union dividend - is a bitter blow.  

The SNP is treating the Highlands with total contempt, and we need to send a clear message to Sturgeon and her failing, sleaze-stained "government": enough is enough.