Labour Conference Report


We’ll all pay the price.

What is Labour offering? Failed ideas, broken promises, and a plan to take us back to square one on Brexit.

This week Labour held their annual conference and it's clearer than ever: they are not fit to govern, either in Scotland or the UK.

All they had to offer were failed ideas just like last time, broken promises, and a plan to take us back to square one on Brexit.

Here are 5 things you need to know:

  1. Labour outlined plans for mass renationalisation which would see household bills rise by more than £2,000 and leave consumers with nowhere to turn if things go wrong.
  2. They set out economic ideas that would damage businesses and in doing so would reduce pay for ‘those who can least afford it’ according to independent experts.
  3. Jeremy Corbyn made his 37th unfunded spending commitment – meaning either more empty promises they won’t keep – or higher taxes and more borrowing.
  4. Labour MP Laura Smith has called for the first general strike since 1926, which would cause mass disruption and leave working families across the country worse off.
  5. Labour confirmed they are breaking their promise to respect the EU referendum result. Their Brexit chief said that 'nobody is ruling out remain as an option' meaning we would be back to square one on Brexit.

This year's leader of Scottish Labour, Richard Leonard, backs every part of Comrade Corbyn's hard-left, economically-illiterate agenda. 

Don’t let Labour put these ideas into practice and damage every part of the UK.

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