Leading Brexiteer endorses local Scottish Conservative candidate

Steve Baker, Chairman of the European Research Group and Prospective Member of Parliament for Wycombe, has written a letter of support to the Scottish Conservative candidate for Na h-Eileanan an Iar Jennifer Ross ahead of the General Election on December 12th.

As one of the top Tory Eurosceptics in Parliament, Steve has been instrumental in shaping the outcome of Brexit and is considered one of the most principled and steadfast 'Leavers' having never voted for Theresa May's deal.

Steve said:

"I'm delighted to support Jennifer Ross, the Conservative Candidate for the Western Isles.  When Jennifer got in touch, I was very pleased. As a young RAF officer, I was sent to survey the Phantom gate guardian at RAF Stornoway, and I have regarded the Western Isles as a place to which I would like to return ever since."

"I know that Jennifer has been a strong advocate for leaving the EU and understands the importance of gaining control over our waters by leaving the Common Fisheries Policy."

"I'm sure she would stand up for your fishing industry and crofting communities, to make sure your interests are well represented at Westminster."

"Jennifer is the only candidate on the ballot paper who says 'no' to more referendums. Scotland surely doesn't need any more constitutional change or divisive campaigning. We need to get Brexit done and move on to the issues that really matter in all our lives."

"Once we are beyond the campaign, I'd love to come up and visit you on the islands with your new Conservative MP."

"Please vote for Jennifer Ross, your Conservative & Unionist candidate on December 12th."

Jennifer Ross responded: "I am delighted to receive this endorsement from Steve Baker. He has been strongly principled on Brexit, and we share the same view that it is now time to get Brexit done so that we can move on to more important issues for these Islands."

Of the four candidates on the ballot paper at this election, Jennifer is the only one who supports leaving the EU in line with the result of the 2016 EU referendum.