MSP urges rethink on ban on church services

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has said that he would like the Scottish Government to rethink its decision to allow pubs to re-open while refusing congregations permission to come together for religious worship.

Mr Cameron said: “I entirely appreciate that relaxing the lockdown is a sensitive process and may cause some anomalies, and we must ensure a gradual and safe return to normality."

“But I really can’t understand how government ministers can consider it safe for people to get together in a pub, but not allow religious worshippers to attend a service, so long as the rules of social distancing are complied with."

“At a difficult times like this, we should surely be doing all we can to allow people to congregate safely at their church or place of worship. I urge ministers to reconsider.”



The Scottish Government’s decision means that places of worship will not open for communal worship until July 23 at the earliest, while pubs, restaurants and cinemas will be able to reopen on July 15.

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