MSP warns against travel to remote Highland locations

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has raised concerns that locations in his region usually considered “off the beaten track” are being affected by an influx of visitors.

Mr Cameron said: “Although attention has been drawn to the impact of visitors on well-known ‘hot spots’ such as Loch Lomond and Glencoe, there is growing concern among local people that some  locations, usually considered to be relatively quiet, are also coming under pressure from visitors.  For instance, Glen Orchy, which is certainly in a secluded part of the country, has seen a number of campers staying overnight in defiance of the restrictions."

“I have been contacted by constituents who are understandably concerned about this, not least because most of the facilities usually available to visitors are closed, which is having a knock-on effect in terms of litter and waste being left behind."

“We need to keep getting the message across that so long as the travel restrictions are in place, people must not think that it is acceptable to make their way to locations that are “off the beaten track”.  It is unfair to local people and places even more pressure on those people with the job of keeping the country safe and tidy."

“We all want to see the Highlands reopen to visitors, and kickstart our vitally important tourism sector, but only when it’s safe and practicable to do so.”