Open our schools!

In the face of endless dithering by the SNP government, the Scottish Conservatives have launched a campaign to demand that the Scottish Government plan for a fuller return of Scotland’s schools in August.
Current plans for pupils to receive as little as one or two days’ classroom teaching each week are just not ambitious enough. The education and wellbeing of an entire generation is at risk.  On top of that, tens of thousands of parents will be unable to get back to work if their children are only in school part time.
The Scottish Government must ensure that there is a properly-resourced Scotland-wide plan to maximise pupils' time in school – and plan for a full return of schools in August if the health situation allows it.

It is just not good enough for the Education and Skills minister to push all the responsibility onto Head Teachers and Local Authorities.  He must try harder.

Sign the petition at the link below and let's force the dithering SNP to act: