Praise for Islay school rocket project

A primary school project that attracted the attention of space agency NASA has been applauded by two local elected representatives.

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron and local councillor, Alastair Redman, have praised the project, undertaken by pupils at Port Ellen Primary School, Islay, which involves building model rockets at home.

Mr Cameron, who submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament in which he congratulated the pupils on their efforts, said: “It is inspiring to see how the pupils and their teachers have risen to the challenge of learning during the pandemic.

“It seems amazing that they have taken on such an ambitious project during lockdown. I share the delight of the children that NASA was so impressed by their work that they highlighted it on their social media bringing it to the attention of thousands of people worldwide.”

Councillor Redman added: “The whole community is very proud of what has been achieved.  STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics - subjects are very important indeed and this is an eye-catching way of engaging our young people which has captured the imagination of people here in Islay and much further afield."

“Well done to everyone involved including the teachers, parents and carers who have provided such help and encouragement to the pupils.”


Mr Cameron’s motion reads: Title: Port Ellen Primary School Pupils Receive Recognition from NASA: 
Motion Text: That the Parliament congratulates the pupils of Port Ellen Primary School on Islay on building model rockets as part of their home learning activities during the lockdown; commends the teachers, parents and carers for their help and support in undertaking this inspiring project; recognises the importance of STEM subjects and of keeping young people engaged in this important area during the lockdown, and notes that NASA was so impressed that it highlighted the activity on its social media.

A link to the NASA post can be found here: