Progress on paying out business grants has ‘stalled’ – Cameron

The Scottish Conservatives have expressed concern that too many businesses are not receiving the financial support they deserve after it was revealed that, despite complaints, there were still thousands of applications for support outstanding.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Donald Cameron said: “These figures show progress on getting emergency cash to businesses has stalled across Scotland, with 15,000 still waiting for support."

“This is a major concern because we will not be able to turn the corner and revive the economy after the pandemic if businesses have collapsed in the meantime, despite the fact that our hardworking council workers are doing their very best to get vital cash out to vulnerable businesses.”

Mr Cameron, a Highlands and Islands MSP, added: “Many businesses in my region are suffering from severe cash-flow problems exacerbated by the collapse in visitor numbers which are so important to the Highlands and Islands."

“We simply need to see greater urgency in helping them get through this.”


The number of firms whose applications have not been approved has now remained steady for two weeks, despite a significant slowing in those applying.

Statistics released today revealed 15,217 were still waiting for the much-needed support.  Last week, the Scottish Conservatives highlighted how 16,000 businesses still hadn’t received the coronavirus cash, and the week before that, the figure stood at nearly 17,000.

The SNP has been repeatedly criticised for its failure to support the economy as the pandemic has spread across the country.

Scotland-only loopholes have stopped many businesses from accessing money, while thousands of firms with more than one premises were initially told they’d get significantly less help than their counterparts south of the border.

The number of grants which have been approved by council area is set out below.

Applications Received and Grants Awarded as at 2nd June 2020

Local Authority                                   Applications Received*                Grants Awarded            Value of Grants Awarded (£m)

Aberdeen City                                      2,092                                                1,722                                £21.37m

Aberdeenshire                                     3,794                                                3,287                                £37.22m

Angus                                                  2,077                                                1,700                                £18.42m

Argyll and Bute                                    3,236                                                2,759                                £29.42m

Clackmannanshire                                  693                                                   566                                  £6.19m

City of Edinburgh                                7,186                                                 6,499                                £83.82m

Dumfries and Galloway                       4,047                                                 3,437                                £36.09m

Dundee City                                        2,370                                                 1,990                                £22.75m

East Ayrshire                                     1,965                                                  1,621                                £17.66m

East Dunbartonshire                          1,126                                                     976                                £10.97m

East Lothian                                      1,453                                                 1,328                                £15.11m

East Renfrewshire                                826                                                    695                                 £8.21m

Falkirk                                                2,242                                                1,887                                £21.22m

Fife                                                    4,948                                                 4,104                                £46.29m

Glasgow City                                      9,757                                                7,422                                £88.21m

Highland                                             6,317                                                5,510                                £60.00m

Inverclyde                                             994                                                    781                                 £8.61m

Midlothian                                             968                                                    864                                £10.16m

Moray                                                1,710                                                1,471                                £16.10m

Na h-Eileanan Siar                               847                                                   687                                   £7.30m

North Ayrshire                                    2,270                                                1,943                                £21.11m

North Lanarkshire                              3,945                                                 3,081                                £33.43m

Orkney Islands                                     733                                                   545                                   £5.94m

Perth & Kinross                                  3,849                                                2,969                                £32.51m

Renfrewshire                                      2,670                                                2,023                                £22.90m

Scottish Borders                                 3,061                                                2,271                                £24.77m

Shetland Islands                                   734                                                   651                                   £7.20m

South Ayrshire                                    2,114                                                1,714                                £19.51m

South Lanarkshire                              3,762                                                3,179                                £35.77m

Stirling                                               2,327                                                1,850                                £21.31m

West Dunbartonshire                         1,329                                                1,071                                £12.06m

West Lothian                                     2,397                                                2,019                                £22.94m

Total                                                87,839                                             72,622                             £824.54m