Retail Park Re-branded after Conservative Cllr Isabelle MacKenzie Intervenes

Retail Park rebranded after Scottish Conservative Councillor Isabelle MacKenzie intervenes in name confusion dispute

Scottish Conservative Inverness Councillor Isabelle MacKenzie has been credited with forcing action to solve the confusion over the name and branding of the Retail Park on the A96, east of Inverness.

Inverness Business Improvement District (BID) had complained that calling the retail park the “Inverness Centre” had created huge confusion for shoppers when back in November last year a glass canopy at the retail park had shattered, resulting in some temporary store closures.  The store closures were only at the Eastfield Way retail park, but many shoppers thought that the closures “at the Inverness Centre” highlighted on the retail park Facebook site referred to Inverness city centre, so stayed away during the normally busy run-up to Christmas, hurting many city centre shops and businesses.

Inverness BID and many business owners complained about the loss of business to city centre shops, with complaints lodged with the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) as well as the owners and agents of the retail park site.  BID Manager Mike Smith praised Cllr MacKenzie for pursuing the issue so effectively with both Highland Council and the Agents for the retail park.

Cllr MacKenzie is delighted that reason has been listened to and the Eastfield Way site rebranded to the more appropriate “Inverness Shopping Park”, enabling the BID to drop its complaint to the ASA.