Highlands and Islands Scottish Conservative MSP Donald Cameron has warned the Scottish Government to heed the concerns of Scotland’s  farmers and crofters after details of the proposed payment allocation were revealed.

Mr Cameron spoke after the embattled Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy, Fergus Ewing, was on the receiving end of bitter criticism from both the Scottish Crofting Federation and NFU Scotland.

“Fergus Ewing has managed to annoy just about everyone in the sector with his misjudged decision over convergence allocation."

"Rarely can a minister with responsibility for farming have received such a stinging rebuke from industry representatives.  It is quite clear that the SNP Government is proposing to use the payment allocations to cover funding gaps they themselves have created in LFASS payments."

“This money was secured by the persistent lobbying of Scottish Conservative MPs at Westminster and it is shameful that the results of their hard work is being set aside in such a cynical way."

“Mr Ewing needs to return to Parliament and explain himself to MSPs and to their farming and crofting constituents.”

The NFUS response can be seen here:


HCUA Comment:

This is yet another example of the staggering ineptitude of an SNP minister who seems "gifted" with the ability to turn everything he touches into manure - but unfortunately not of the kind that Scottish farmers and crofters could actually do something useful with.

Yet again, the incompetent SNP government is having to fill huge financial black holes - entirely of its own making - by raiding money coming from Westminster. 

The SNP could not care less how that will damage hard-pressed farmers, the very people who do so much to manage and steward the landscape of Scotland, on behalf of the people of Scotland. 

How much longer can it be before the Cabinet Secretary for Eradicating the Rural Economy is himself reshuffled into the retirement paddock?  At least he will be able to enjoy the thistles, his legacy to so many farmers........