SNP putting fishing revival at risk says Cameron

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron has said that the SNP is putting the prospects for reviving Scotland’s fishing industry at risk.

Mr Cameron made his comments after the SNP released their General Election manifesto in which they claimed they would push  “for fundamental reform of the CFP” while remaining in the EU after independence from the UK.

The Scottish Conservative MSP said: “Anyone who has had dealings with the EU knows very well that there is no chance of the CFP being reformed in a way that will help revive the Scottish fishing industry."

“The SNP has cold-bloodedly decided that a brighter future for our fishing industry is expendable."

“They are prepared to give up our newly-won status as an independent coastal state and dash the hopes and aspirations of our coastal communities which are yearning to be free of the CFP."

“We need to get Brexit sorted and get out of the CFP, so that investors can confidently get behind our fishermen and start rebuilding the fleet and facilities. The SNP’s obsession with overturning the Brexit referendum will put that all at risk.”