The SNP is threatening to break up the NHS.

Not content with presiding over spending scandal after spending scandal in the Scottish NHS, now Nicola Sturgeon wants to break up the NHS.

Instead of having a national health service universally available across the UK, Nicola Sturgeon would break up all the valuable health relationships that have been built up over decades, just so she could deliver her plans for separation.

The NHS in England & Wales is benefitting from record funding from the Conservative government - and we will never, ever, put the future of the NHS at risk.

The real scandal is the SNP’s failure to use the additional money it has received from the UK Government in recent years to increase NHS spending fully, choosing instead to waste much of that money on pushing its separation agenda.

The SNP doesn’t care what else it smashes up to achieve its obsession with breaking up the Union.  Nicola Sturgeon’s top priority is indyref2 – not hospitals.