Yet another SNP Health Scandal: How much more of this SNP failure can Scotland take?

In a devastating revelation it has emerged that SNP Health Minister Jeane Freeman has known for months about an alleged link between the death of a child with cancer and contaminated water at the Queen Elizabeth University hospital in Glasgow.

An MSP asked why the parents of the child were never told about the link between contaminated water and patients becoming infected - but Freeman hid behind feeble excuses about patient confidentiality.   

Yet again the SNP's culture of secrecy and evasion has been exposed. 
Why were the child's parents not told the facts?
Why does Sturgeon destroy her hand-written notes? 
Just what else are they hiding?  

The incompetent, failing SNP is inflicting disaster after disaster upon the people of Scotland in its headlong rush towards another divisive independence referendum.  

On December the 12th tell Sturgeon you have had enough: vote Scottish Conservative and make the SNP listen!