UK Government’s coronavirus support for Scotland tops £10bn

UK Government spending to help Scotland fight the impact of coronavirus has exceeded £10 billion, new analysis has revealed.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Donald Cameron said: “The level of financial support from the UK Government is astonishing and unprecedented."

Praise for Islay school rocket project

A primary school project that attracted the attention of space agency NASA has been applauded by two local elected representatives.

16,000 businesses still waiting for SNP support

More than 16,000 businesses across Scotland are still waiting for SNP government support as they battle the impact of Covid-19.

Latest figures have revealed one in five firms working in retail, leisure and hospitality have still to have their application for assistance approved.

Budget revision reveals strength of UK’s ‘broad shoulders’

The vast majority of the £4 billion spent in Scotland on fighting coronavirus has come from the UK Government, it has emerged.

The Scottish Government has revealed that more than £3.5 billion had arrived in emergency support through Barnett Consequential funds from Westminster.

SNP forced to see sense over support to small businesses

After weeks of SNP ministerial foot-dragging, denials, excuses and inaction, and faced by a relentless campaign by Scottish Conservative MSP Edward Mountain and his colleagues, the SNP government has finally agreed that a way will be found to enable emergency grants to be made to small businesses