Cameron urges shoppers to prioritise vulnerable

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron is urging shoppers who are booking home deliveries from supermarkets to show restraint.

Mr Cameron said: “I have been contacted by local residents, some of whom have disabilities, who are having great difficulty in securing delivery slots because of the surge in demand for this service.  We should remember that for some people this is a lifeline service as they find it very challenging to physically shop in person."

“I know that some vulnerable people are being helped by friends and neighbours and that is very encouraging indeed, but others are not so fortunate and are experiencing real anxiety because of this.  So please consider whether you really do require a delivery to your home and, if you do, please make sure you use the service sparingly and for essential items.”

Mr Cameron also revealed that he is writing to supermarket chief executives urging them, if possible, to prioritise certain customers when receiving orders.