Housebuilding could lead us out of lockdown says MSP

The possibility of kickstarting the local economy by giving housebuilding the green light has been suggested by Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron.

Mr Cameron, the Shadow Finance Secretary, said:  “The safety of the public must come first and the UK and Scottish Governments are rightly being very cautious about relaxing the lockdown."

“But, looking ahead, we also need to be thinking about how we can start reviving the economy, bearing in mind that here in the Highlands and Islands we are facing the loss of an entire tourism season."

“House-building is already coming back to life south of the border, subject to strict guidance about social distancing, and I would like to see serious thought given to this sector. Construction sites in our region tend to be smaller and it may be easier for such workplaces to operate under social distancing guidelines."

“We really want to avoid disparities in the rate of economic recovery across the United Kingdom where we possibly can.”