Spare a thought for stranded islanders says MSP and councillor

Two Highlands and Islands politicians have asked frustrated Central Belt commuters to spare a thought for their island constituents - some of whom have had to endure over a week without a ferry.

Highlands and Islands MSP Donald Cameron said: “While I can understand the frustration of commuters who were stuck in traffic last week following the closure of the much-vaunted Queensferry Crossing, I hope they will spare a thought for communities across the Highlands and Islands for whom road closures and ferry cancellations are now quite routine.”

Mr Cameron’s Conservative colleague, Sir Jamie McGrigor, who represents the Oban South and the Isles ward on Argyll and Bute Council, said: “People on Coll have recently had to survive for more than a  week without a ferry and there is the possibility that they may lose their vital air service.  Argyll and Bute has many small communities in remote areas which are having to struggle with a deteriorating transport infrastructure. This presents a real threat to their future prospects which are already in doubt as they struggle to retain their younger people.”

Mr Cameron added: “I hope the SNP Government will be stung into action by the well-deserved criticism they have received for the bridge fiasco. I hope they don’t use that as an excuse for continuing to neglect the needs of communities outside the Central Belt.”

HCUA Comment:

We are not holding our breath here in the Highlands, nor expecting any SNP interest in tackling the crumbling infrastructure issues and failing public services.  The only way to sort out the problems is by removing the root cause: a failed, incompetent and increasingly sleazy SNP administration that must be held to account and kicked out of office.