Sturgeon's shameful record on health exposed

LBC's Iain Dale has spoken on Sky News about Nicola Sturgeon's "appalling record" on health.  Sturgeon has already been accused of "undermining" the UK Government approach during the COVID-19 crisis, breaking long-standiing convention by revealing COBRA meeting information ahead of UK Govt statements, and then refusing to adopt the Stay Alert slogan, apparently because she found it "confusing" but more obviously because she just did not want to follow Boris Johnson's lead. In the news discussion the Times journalist Clare Foges derided the First Minister's tactics, and noted that Scotland's failing education system and ill-prepared health service were down to poor SNP government leadership.  Elsewhere, the concern about a possible cover-up by the SNP govt of the Edinburgh Coronavirus outbreak in February mounted, amid speculation that Sturgeon would need to sack a minister to deflect blame from herself.