Edward Mountain MSP welcomes new healing process for NHS Highland bullying victims

A new method to deliver compensation to bullying victims at NHS Highland was announced on Friday 24 January 2020, following the Cabinet Secretary for Health's visit to Inverness to meet with bullying whistleblowers. 

Following the agreement between the Health Secretary and the NHS Highland whistleblowers, Edward Mountain MSP said:

“It’s almost a year since the Sturrock Report was published and a compassionate healing process should have been in place by now.

Victims of bullying need to feel cherished again and those that had no choice but to leave NHS Highland should be offered the opportunity to return, if that is what they want.

More progress is needed on implementing the Sturrock Report and I raised this issue when I met with the Health Secretary on Thursday 23 January 2020.

Therefore, I welcome that bullying victims will now have a different route for compensation. This is far more compassionate than what was previously proposed by the Board and which I fundamentally disagreed with.

It is important that progress is swift so that victims can begin the healing process as soon as possible and NHS Highland can move on from this sorry episode.”