Young Conservatives

Active participation in democracy is your right.  In Scotland you can vote in Scottish Parliament and local council elections from the age of 16, and in UK Parliament elections from the age of 18.

But you can do so much more than just vote: by joining the Scottish Conservatives you can be an active part of the political process and help shape a better future for everyone. 

By becoming a member of the Scottish Conservatives you can get involved in every aspect of what we do - and on equal terms with every other member.

You can help shape and deliver policies, for example by offering your views and ideas about those issues that affect you now or that you are concerned about for the future.

You can help raise funds, and get out and about with candidates for local, Scottish and UK elections, talking to other voters about their concerns, and telling them about the many successes Scottish Conservatives have achieved as Councillors, MSPs and MPs.

You can even stand as a Scottish Conservative candidate yourself: if you want to change Scotland and the wider world for the better then becoming a Scottish Conservative Councillor, MSP or MP are all ways to do that.

Many young people in Scotland are still in or have recently been through a Scottish state education system that has been forced into turmoil under an incompetent and arrogant SNP Government obsessed with achieving independence at all costs, regardless of the damage done.  The Scottish education system - one that fifteen years ago was the envy of the world - has been disrupted, undermined and demoralised by poor SNP policies.
It does not have to be that way, and by joining the Scottish Conservatives you can become part of the fight to kick out the failed and arrogant SNP, and restore competent Government in Scotland. 

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